Birds are endlessly fascinating. For a city dweller they offer the most intimate and frequent contact with wildlife we regularly encounter. Their colors and shapes lend themselves well to the glass mosaic art form, and there is no end to their amazing variety.

mosaic bluebird jewelry dish
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Stained Glass

Stained glass mosaic is similar to regular mosaic but allows sunlight to pass through the glass, adding an ethereal quality and bringing warmth and color into the home.




With little change in basic method, the mosaic art form has been around for over 4,000 years. After working with ceramic and other materials I decided to focus exclusively on glass, because of its sheer beauty and vibrancy. Mosaic is also extremely versatile and can be applied to many different surfaces.


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I've painted all my life, and most recently have concentrated on freehand painting of birds and landscapes on walls and other surfaces. 

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Take a peak into the gallery of images to see some of the work I've installed in client's homes, and perhaps to gain some inspiration.