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I'd love to hear from you! Reach out to me anytime. Many people come to me with a general idea for a project without knowing exactly what they want or how it can be executed. Together, we'll figure out how to make something beautiful for you - or perhaps you'll find something you like that I've already made (see what's available now here: If you're thinking about something custom made, read about the commission process below.

Custom Orders/Commissions

The best part of commissions is the collaboration between client and artist, and there's nothing like the feeling I have when a client loves the completed work and sees her vision come to life.


A commission is simply an agreement between artist and client to create a specific work of art.

A commission can be as small as an 8" x 10" framed stained glass piece or as large as the 46 ft.² "California Landscape" series of windows.


Steps in the commission process:


You contact me to let me know what you have in mind. Is it to be a freestanding piece of art or stained glass installed over an existing window? Or perhaps a bird bath, an address plaque, or a fireplace surround? Any format you see on the site, and more, is possible. I'll need to know the approximate dimensions and the placement you have in mind.


You let me know your inspiration and the vision you have for the subject matter and design. The more specific you can be, the better. At this point I give you the cost.


Based on our conversation, I will create an initial sketch to execute your vision to the best of my ability, and taking into account both the possibilities and limitations of the glass mosaic medium. 


You review the sketch and have the opportunity to make changes, and pay 50% of the total cost. I then create the second sketch, and after that we are usually good to go and I create the mosaic.


I finish the mosaic and deliver it to you. Generally I can help with the installation, if that is required. Most pieces can be completed within two weeks, depending on how busy I am and the complexity and size of your piece.


That's it! Contact me today if you're interested in a commissioned work of art.

Contact Nora

Thank you! Will be in contact soon.

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