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I work with each client to create a personalized address plaque that speaks to you and your interests. Projects begin with a sketch and we work together to produce a work of art you'll love.


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Mosaic art has been around for over 4000 years and continues to use the same basic process: attaching pieces of stone, ceramic tile, glass or other material to a substrate and then filling in the gaps with grout. I began my own work with mosaics using broken ceramic tile, and migrated to glass, because I found I could not adequately express my vision using ceramics. I'm now working exclusively in glass mosaic because of its unparalleled beauty, vibrant colors, and ability to allow light through. Even if the mosaic is not translucent glass sparkles and shines and catches the light, captivating your attention.


I draw my inspiration from nature, plants, animals, suns and landscapes. I am especially fond of birds and bugs, but have also created everything from aardvarks to pandas. I am usually game to create anything you have in mind in mosaic form.

For translucent or “stained glass” works I attach hand-cut pieces of glass to clear glass, using picture frames for free-standing works and tempered window glass for installations. 

My art includes two forms of mosaic, opaque and translucent. The opaque works attach hand-cut pieces of glass to a solid substrate - cement backer-board for address plaques, fireplace surrounds, and wall art; ceramic planters; or terra-cotta saucers for birdbaths.

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