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Planters, trivets, & more

I got my start making small items like planters and trivets and I still enjoy making functional art.

Painted Planters 

Handpainted art is a fun way to beautify a simple planter.


Like many, I think Beyoncé is amazing and I was inspired by her Formation video to create this tribute art piece.

sm planter, avail on Etsy
Sm planter, avail on Etsy
Sm planter, avail on Etsy

A year after I created the original Beyonce piece I received a request to create another version - this time to hang in a window, so that light can shine through. It was such a pleasure to have the chance to make another tribute to Beyonce and to tweak my design. Here's a review from the customer, Laura Campbell: "From start to finish, working with Nora was a delight, and I am at a loss for words with how pleased I am at the final product. Nora was responsive and incredibly helpful throughout the whole process of ordering my custom piece, and she provided frequent updates. Most importantly, the work itself is phenomenal on all levels.  Nora is incredibly talented, and the amount of detail in the work is astounding. She also provided me with some fantastic extra details about the piece (number of pieces used in different portions) which really helped hit home the amount of careful labor that went into it.  I would buy a piece of Nora’s art again in a heartbeat and heartily recommend them to others.  I’m already getting compliments pouring in from people to whom I’ve shown photos of the work—and the photos don’t do it justice.  In person it’s simply magnificent. I know this is going to be a focal point of my home and I am so excited about showing it off to guests. Overall I’m simply thrilled!"


This was a fun project to add color and beauty to my garden. Metal egret is covered in pieces of glass mosaic.

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