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Artist Holding a Paintbrush
White Brush Strokes
Art Piece
Glass Blowing Tools
Restorer Using Scalpel
Clay Pot on Pottery Wheel


bring beauty to your home

I have painted since childhood, but busy work life and child rearing left me little time for painting for many years. In spring, 2018 I accompanied my sister on a trip to France and Croatia. I was very inspired by a mural we saw in a café in Lyon, and when I returned home I decided to create a mural in my own home. The mural features birds, a few exotic but mostly local to Northern California, resting on spreading branches that wrap around the walls. I would love to create similar murals in other homes. 


Completed in Summer, 2018


January, 2019

The client owns the apartment building adjacent to this large utility box, and wished to replace the ugly, graffiti-covered box with something beautiful. She loves egrets and commissioned a marsh theme featuring many great white egrets. The project also included a small telephone box attached to the building. You can see it at 40th and West Streets in West Oakland, CA.