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Flower Mosaic

Nature in Glass Mosaic

Custom, Handmade Glass Mosaic Artwork

Discover the beauty of  handcrafted mosaic art

Each of my mosaic pieces is an original work of art. Handcrafted glass mosaic makes all the difference, with brilliant colors and light-reflective qualities that no machine can replicate.

Whether it’s a vibrant wall piece, a breathtaking fireplace surround, or a custom creation for your space, each piece carries the touch of an artist's hand. My workshop, where I bring these pieces to life, is more like a sanctuary for creativity than a factory. Explore my creations, and see for yourself.

Radiant Creations Inspired by Nature

Franklin Fireplace Mosaic

Mosaic Fireplace Surrounds

Collaborating closely with you, I craft exquisite, bespoke mosaic fireplaces, each a unique masterpiece destined to grace your home with unrivaled elegance and charm

Fireplace Mosaic

Stained Glass Mosaic

Explore an array of hand crafted mosaics, spanning both the opaque and translucent spectrums. 


Nora Cody, Artist

Meet Nora Cody

Learn more about the artist.

Zinnias Mosaic

Find the Right Fit

Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about Nora Cody Mosaics. 

"I couldn't be more thrilled with the result. I look at it every day and it brings me so much joy."

- Melia F.


Some of my favorite projects are all gathered here.

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