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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

  • What is Mosaic Art?
    Mosaic art is the colorful, creative process of assembling small pieces into a unified visual work. It is an ancient art form that continues to be reinvented today. Mosaics can be functional as well as decorative, with uses ranging from fireplaces to wall décor to tabletops. They are also found covering buildings, fireplaces, and more. In my own mosaic work I have chosen to work exclusively in glass because of its brilliant color and light-reflective qualities.
  • How do you cut the glass?
    I begin with sheets of stained glass, and then hand cut each piece of glass used in the mosaic, by either scoring and then breaking pieces or “snipping” small pieces into straight or curved shapes. Most mosaics I make contain hundreds or even thousands of individual pieces of glass.
  • How did you get started and how long have you been making mosaics?
    I began working with mosaics six years ago after leaving my nonprofit career. I have always sketched, painted, and crafted but instantly fell in love with glass mosaic when I covered an old garden bench with a colorful sunflower design. I am self-taught and draw inspiration from other artists and, mostly, from the beautiful world of plants and animals.
  • What kinds of things do you make?
    I create one-of-a-kind mosaics for your home and garden. Some examples include: Wall art; “Suncatchers,” i.e. framed glass art to cover or hang in a window; Garden art, e.g. garden tables, birdbaths, or outdoor pieces to hang on a fence; Fireplace Surrounds, and Portraits.
  • What is “Custom” or “Commissioned” Artwork?
    Custom/Commissioned Art is simply art that is made specifically for you, in collaboration with the artist. Custom artwork doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You could request a framed work of art featuring a favorite landscape or flower for a friend, or a birdbath or garden table for yourself.
  • What is the process for commissioning a mosaic work of art?
    First, you contact me HERE (link) and tell me what you have in mind. I’ll schedule a phone call where we can chat about your ideas. During the conversation I’ll learn about any ideas you have for the design, dimensions of the finished product, color preferences and your timeline. I’ll also give you a cost estimate. Next, I’ll prepare a detailed drawing to show you for your edits and approval. Once you’ve approved the drawing, I’ll send you a Letter of Agreement and ask for a nonrefundable deposit for 50% of the total cost, so I can purchase materials and get to work. I’ll send progress photos and keep you posted as I work on your project. When it’s finished, I’ll request final payment and ship your mosaic!
  • What if I don’t have a good idea about what I want?
    Browse through photos of my work on this site. I can also send you many more photos of my work, and through our conversation I’ll draw out enough information to be able to prepare a sketch for you.
  • What are some examples of custom work you’ve done?
    I have made about twenty mosaic fireplace surrounds, see them HERE Window mosaics, often to cover an existing window with a poor view, or for privacy. Garden tables Gifts of artwork, e.g. of specific birds, flowers, or landscapes. Birdbaths Fence Art mosaic panels to place on a fence or the side of a building
  • How much does custom mosaic cost?
    My current rate is $350/square feet, plus a small materials fee and the shipping fee.
  • How long will a custom mosaic take?
    A small artwork might take 1 week, a large fireplace 4-6 weeks.
  • How are the fireplace mosaics constructed and installed? Are they difficult to install?
    Most fireplace mosaics are made in three sections: the top panel and the two side panels. If the hearth is included there will be four panels. Each panel is constructed by gluing and grouting glass pieces to ¼” Backer Board, which is durable and fire-safe. Installation is not difficult. The mosaic panels are essentially glued to the existing surface (brick, tile, etc.) using either Loctite Construction Adhesive or thinset mortar. Many homeowners have installed the mosaic panels themselves, while some prefer to have a contractor or handyman take care of the installation.
  • How do you ship a fireplace surround mosaic to prevent breakage? How much does it cost for shipping?
    After successfully shipping twenty fireplace mosaic pieces with no damage, I have learned the right way to ship. I bring the mosaic panels to a fine arts shipping company and they construct a wooden box. The panels are carefully packed with styrofoam and other packing materials to ensure safe travel. No shipment has ever been damaged. Of course, every package is fully insured just in case. Shipping of fireplace mosaics typically costs between $500 and $700, depending on size and weight. Shipping most other mosaics is much less expensive.
  • What are you working on these days? What excites you as an artist, and how do you continue to evolve and grow?
    I recently started making mosaic portraits, because I find rendering individual faces so that you capture the person to be the most challenging artistic endeavor. I’m still learning but I’m pleased with some of the portraits I’ve been able to create so far. I learned of a mountain lion sighting in my neighborhood and I’m working on a mountain lion mosaic - they’re such beautiful animals but I find making mammals much more difficult than doing birds. So I’m constantly finding inspiration from my environment and I enjoy attempting things that initially intimidate me.
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