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Commission Your Custom Artwork

Crafting Your Vision, Together

Many people come to me with a general idea for a project without knowing exactly what they want or how it can be executed. Together, we'll figure out how to make something beautiful for you. If you're considering a custom piece, read about the commission process.
A commission is simply an agreement between artist and client to create a specific work of art. It can range from a modest 8" x 10" framed stained glass piece to a grand 46 ft.² "California Landscape" series of windows.

Steps in the Commission Process:

  1. Get in Touch: You contact me to share your ideas. Whether it's a freestanding piece, stained glass installation, or a unique creation, any format you envision is possible. I'll need approximate dimensions and placement details.

  2. Inspiration and Vision: Share your inspiration and vision for the subject matter and design. The more specific, the better. At this stage, I'll provide you with a cost estimate.

  3. Initial Sketch: Based on our conversation, I'll create an initial sketch to bring your vision to life. This sketch considers both the possibilities and limitations of the glass mosaic medium.

  4. Review and Payment: You review the sketch and have the opportunity to suggest changes. Upon approval, a 50% deposit is required to proceed. I'll then create the second sketch.

  5. Creation Phase: With the second sketch approved, I'll proceed to create the mosaic.

  6. Finishing Touches: I'll complete the mosaic and arrange for delivery. I'm happy to assist with installation if needed. Most pieces can be completed within two to four weeks, depending on complexity and size.

That's it! A commissioned work of art is a collaborative endeavor between client and artist. The gratification I experience when a client sees their vision realized is unparalleled.

To date, I have successfully completed numerous commissions, ranging from framed stained glass pieces to large windows like the 'California Landscape' and unique fireplace surrounds.

Contact me today to embark on your journey of a handcrafted masterpiece.

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