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An installation is a work of art that is installed in someone’s home or place of business, as opposed to a freestanding piece. With an art installation, you can replace something plain and humdrum with a beautiful, and often personal, work of art that will last forever. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


For installations over an existing window, stained glass is created by glueing hand-cut pieces of glass onto tempered window glass and then placing it directly over the window. The new stained glass piece is held into place by glazier’s points (small metal points used to install windows) or by framing it out with small moulding. 


For an opaque mosaic installation, such as the Heron fireplace surround, I create the mosaic by gluing hand-cut pieces of glass onto 1/4" cement backer board (Hardibacker) and then either screwing or gluing the mosaic over the existing surface. 


Installations can be shipped anywhere, as long as I have the proper dimensions. See for example the 3 separate pieces for the Heron fireplace surround, which were then assembled into one seamless whole.

Heron Fireplace

Words cannot adequately express how much I love the fireplace surround that Nora custom designed and installed in my home. Featuring birds and plants of the northern California coast, the mosaic is enchantingly beautiful and skillfully rendered. We collaborated on every step, from the concept to the final design. Nora provided me with options to choose from, and when I couldn't decide on something, I trusted her as an artist to come up with a balanced and harmonious final product. I am so lucky to have this built-in work of art to look at every day! 

Melia F.


ColorfulBirds Fireplace Surround

Thank you for the most beautiful fireplace surround in the Universe! I keep walking into my living room looking at it from different angles and my ️️️heart just smiles.

I shall treasure this piece as long as I live.

 Karen S., Santa Clara, CA

Oregon Flora & Fauna

We had long admired Nora's glass and tile mosaics. When building our Oregon coastal cabin we wanted some windows depicting the local flora and fauna. Nora patiently worked with us on the compositions and then beautifully rendered them in glass.  It always brings a smile to see them, watching how they change in different light, from inside and outside, during the day and even at night. They are part of the fabric of our place and a real source of joy.  Thank you, Nora.


Becky and James Austin

Camino Project

Nora created a gorgeous piece of art for our home. I commissioned her for two stained glass panels that would tell the story of my family’s “Camino” across northern Spain as a surprise for my husband. She listened carefully, made preliminary drawings and incorporated all my feedback to create what has become the centerpiece of our living room. I gave Nora many pictures from our trips and she was able to integrate the different elements that were meaningful to us (our long shadows cast by the sun, poppies in the valleys, the swaying wheat fields) into a cohesive whole. Everyday when I walk back into the house from work it gives me joy to see the stained glass lit up by the sun, and relive  our pilgrimage. Thank you Nora!  -


Robyn D., Oakland, CA 

Entryway Birds

I was inspired by a cafe wall in Lyon, France and - prompted by my sister Celia - decided to try my hand at creating my own mural in my entryway. Painting this mural gave me the chance to add some of my favorite birds to my own walls. I love to see it every time I return home, and hope to create something similar for a client.

California Landscape

For years these clients dreamed of a beautiful stained glass landscape, showcasing their love of their Bay Area and the California landscape. The project will include 8 large windows which together form a large work of art, featuring the Pinnacles, Yosemite, the San Francisco skyline, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate bridge, Mount Tam, and much more. 6 of the 8 windows have been completed to date. The top windows feature large swaths of sky, from sunrise over the Pinnacles on the far left to mid day above SF Bay, sunset over Mount Tam, and evening sky over Yosemite. The bottom four windows represent a "closer in" view of the East Bay cities and shorelines, with scenes including Lake Merritt and downtown Oakland, an Ohlone village, UC Berkeley, and herons and other shorebirds. The final two windows will include a portrait of the family on the lower left and purple mountains and fields of California on the right. It has been a joy to collaborate closely with the clients on this large-scale project.

The owner of the building adjacent to this large utility box adores egrets and asked me to replace the ugly, heavily tagged box sides with something celebrating wetland life in the Bay Area. 

Egrets on Utility Box

40th & West Streets, Oakland, CA

Olympia Sidelight Window

Our gorgeous new stained glass work of art, custom made by Nora Cody! This piece is stunning and exactly what we wanted to replace the prior owners’ yellow and brown stained glass piece. Thank you so much Nora we love it!


Randi C., Olympia, WA


Holder Fireplace

Two fireplace panels set into stone fireplace surround, this mosaic features favorite birds from the region.