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Painting with glass

Nora Cody painting outside
"I think of glass mosaic as painting with glass."

My art includes two forms of mosaic, opaque and translucent. My main inspiration comes from nature, and I love seeing animals and plants come to life through the beautiful colors in glass. Making affordable art is very important to me, as I believe everyone should be able to access art in their lives. My prices begin at $25 and go up from there, depending on the size of the piece.I invite you to explore the works shown in this website and get in touch if you want to bring something beautiful and unique into your home.

Opaque Mosaics

These mosaics feature an opaque backing which allows them to be hung or displayed anywhere in your home!

Translucent Mosaics

These mosaics are fully translucent and make a great addition in front of any window or light source!

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